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The power of impossibility 

A blanket upon my shoulders;

Our heads tilted towards the sky.

The glass pane separates 

These two worlds.

Within ours, the lights go dark 

And we stare towards the unknown. 

Gentle and distant, fire burns

As we watch mesmerised.

How lucky, we say, 

That we witness such precious skies. 

How magnificent, we gasp,

At the history we look upon. 

And it is to you, I ask 

Just why the night sky

Stirs such emotion in us all?

Those distant flickers 

Allow us to believe in anything. 

And it is to myself, I answer 

That it is their sheer impossibility 

Shining so bright,

When they are all but lost, dead and gone

That baffles us all. 

And we are left as specks

Upon the earth

Hoping that just maybe,

Anything at all is possible. 


livingthroughlines 2017.

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Perhaps, if you had said yes 

And not maybe;

Perhaps if you had smiled 

And not looked away; 

Perhaps if you didn’t apologise 

For their mistakes;

Perhaps if you weren’t scared

Of getting it wrong;

Perhaps if you took a risk 

Instead of running;

Perhaps if you took action 

Instead of thinking;

Perhaps if you make a move 

And don’t remain still;

Perhaps if you pursue 

Rather than just wish;

Perhaps if you listen

To your own words;

Perhaps, then perhaps, 

If will finally be when.

livingthroughlines 2017.


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Dear, Mum.

This was a poem I wrote for my mum last year for Mother’s Day when I was still away at University in my final year. I think this was truly the first occasion that I sat down and really took the time to appreciate everything I’d taken for granted throughout my childhood and teenage years. 

There are endless thank yous

For the last twenty one years;

For teaching me to grow;

Calming me during tears.


You have always been a rock –

Remaining strong when I break,

And yet a warming comfort

When I’ve had all I can take.


My teacher and my carer;

My security and my friend;

You were everything you had to be

With no means to an end.


I treasure your opinion

Beyond any single other.

No one’s words have impact

The way you can as my mother.


Forget the times I moaned

About the places you would take me,

I was too young to realise

How much of it would make me.


Forever, I am grateful

For all the things I’ve seen –

The experiences, the memories,

The life that’s already been.


The freedom, yet support

The advice without dictating;

You struck a perfect balance,

Giving, yet no taking.


You have always supported me

And taught me that I ‘can’,

It’s all of your qualities

That have made me who I am.


No one has ever taught you

How to be the mum you are,

You’ve managed it all by yourself

And that’s the amazing part.


If I amount to anything,

It would be to be like you –

To craft such perfect motherhood

Would be an incredible thing to do.


So for all the times I fought

Against what you had to say,

Please know now that I’m thankful

For your input every day.


You always told me ‘one day’

When I had eventually grew,

That I’d be grateful for your effort

And I’d love you for it too.


Now, at twenty-one years old

That is absolutely true;

I can never really repay you

For all you’ve done and you still do.


My love is unconditional,

Infinite and with no end.

I’ll be there for you,

As you have been for me


Forever, my best friend.

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The Art of Life.

A little something I wrote in 2014 that I think is great food for thought for us all.

Think of your life
As four plain, white walls;
You are the artist,
You are designing them all.

One of the walls
Is your life so far;
In permanent paint
Are you happy with your art?

Take your second chance
With wall number two,
Pick up the brush,
Design the next part of you

But, just remember,
You’re now halfway through;
Two walls are filled
And there’s nothing you can do.

So just consider,
As you paint on your ways,
How many of these
Would be regretted days?

Two walls left,
Just think it through.
You, the artist
Control the picture of you.


livingthroughlines 2016.  

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A ‘Chance’ Encounter.

You were but a face in the crowd
That I may have once seen;
Like a distant, dancing cloud
Slowly lost in the wind.

This world that we’re living in,
That is so brilliantly small;
The roots of the tree
Somehow connecting us all.

Like a pebble lost out at sea,
You slowly drifted back to me.
Everything has a way
Of falling into place.

You don’t believe in fate
And I doubt you ever will,
But there’s more than chance
On which our love was built.

A man amongst the rest,
I had forgot I’d ever seen,
Now I sit writing poems
About the other half of me.


livingthroughlines 2016.

poetry, rhyme

A poem to all young girls.

Dearest little girl,

Accept my sincerest apology

For all the things that older you

Will think you should believe.


Small and petite breasts

Will not damage just how much you succeed

But even still you’ll shed a tear

Based on Instagram feeds.


Twenty-two years old,

And you still dislike everything you see.

Your size 10 perfect hips and waist;

Too big for Fashion Week.


Dearest little girl,

This world really isn’t quite how it seems.

Your self-image should not be judged

From electronic screens.