creative writing, poetry, prose, rhyme

The Art of Life.

A little something I wrote in 2014 that I think is great food for thought for us all.

Think of your life
As four plain, white walls;
You are the artist,
You are designing them all.

One of the walls
Is your life so far;
In permanent paint
Are you happy with your art?

Take your second chance
With wall number two,
Pick up the brush,
Design the next part of you

But, just remember,
You’re now halfway through;
Two walls are filled
And there’s nothing you can do.

So just consider,
As you paint on your ways,
How many of these
Would be regretted days?

Two walls left,
Just think it through.
You, the artist
Control the picture of you.


livingthroughlines 2016.  


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