personification, poetry

Water & Air.

Her mighty force can break through rocks,

Her body can creep quietly up a silent beach.

No one can predict her sudden violence

Yet everyone can admire the beauty in her calm.

Like her, he has a power beyond human scale;

Filling every last crack with astonishing ease.

He can bring nature straight down to its knees

But hold the key to building new and beautiful life.

Yet still, we tamper with their unpredictability,

We fuel their rage with our ignorance.

We intoxicate and poison them relentlessly,

Weakening their beauty and in turn our own.

Although you cannot see him,

He is the most precious unknown your life will ever need.

And although she may have surface beauty,

Her depths are plagued from the life we lead.

The water you thirst for; the air you breathe.


livingthroughlines 2016.




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