alzheimers, poetry

Alzheimer’s Part 1: January 2014

This is probably one of my favourite things I’ve ever written, largely because of the fact that I felt I managed to capture so perfectly all that I want to say to my Nan.

I wish that I could find you
When you don’t know where you are
And I wish I could explain it all
Without you forgetting each part.

I pray the days get better
Though now they just simply fade,
I hope sometimes you’ll remember
What we did earlier that day.

It’s hard to watch you cry
and know you don’t understand,
and even harder to laugh it off,
make it ok and hold your hand.

And if that hard day comes,
when you can’t remember my name,
I still am not a stranger
And i’ll love you all the same.

So take my hand right here
And hold onto me tight,
Tell me all that you remember
From memories of each day and night.

I’ll forgive you for cursing,
for your anger and your words,
because I know this isn’t you
that everything feels strange and absurd.

I want to say I’m sorry,
that this had to happen so soon
no one ever deserves this,
and most certainly not you.

But one thing, please remember
As everything else finally fades,
We love you and we always will
Beyond your final days.

livingthroughlines 2016. 


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